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Rosenheim, September 29, 2010

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Native Landscape rediscovered
Peat station Nicklheim opened, 700 Hectares of raised bogs renaturalized,
open day planned
15 Months after the opening of the Peat Experience Park "Sterntaler Filze" (Moorerlebnisstation Sterntaler Filze) in the outskirts of the Town of Bad Feilnbach, the Bog Park Nicklheim was officially opened today (9/29/10). County Chief Administrative Officer Josef Neiderhell, Mayor of Raubling Olaf Kalsperger, Project manager Ralf Strohwasser and Stefan Pratsch of the Bavarian State Forestry Office cut through the symbolic ribbon.
All speakers emphasized the significance of the environmental education at the bog station. Raubling's Mayor Olaf Kalsperger said, one wanted to do something for the schools, here they could – as earlier stated – hold lectures on nature studies. Chief administrative officer Josef Neiderhell reminded in his opening welcome speach of the goals, specifically the ending of the peat exploitation and the area's return to nature. The "green classroom",  which is completey constructed of wood, provides room for the school. Conclusively he stated that the principle applies: He who wants to learn from life in the bogs, must first go to it.
Neiderhell gave his thanks to the citizens of Raubling and Bad Feilnbach for their acceptance of the new recreational area facility. Stefan Pratsch of the Bavarian State Forest Office, expressed his enthusiasmus, the bog stations are a terrific thing. For him, it's a great desire, that the areas can redevelop and concurrently grant people certain access, then only that, what one knows, one cherishes, so Pratsch.
The ecologist and project manager Ralf Strohwasser described most clearly the changes in the last five years: A nature paradise arose out of an industrial area. Strohwasser listed a row of rare bird species, which meanwhile have been sighted in the rewetted areas. Among them, are the common goldeneye, little grebe, black-necked grebe, common snipe and shy black stork, also known as mascot of the basin bogs, or common crane. The ability to experience boglands without disturbing nature works well here, says Strohwasser. The good impression made on the public is reflected on the increase on bog tours, which are conducted through certified bog guides.
The Bog Station Nicklheim basically consists of two projects, namely the LIFE Nature Project
"Rosenheimer Stammbeckenmoore" and the INTERREG-Project "Moorallianz in den Alpen".
Both deal with raised bogs and are very meaningful for Raubling and the County of Rosenheim with special support from the Bavarian State Forest Office, amongst the inhabitants, who rediscovered the value of the native landscape of raised bogs between Bad Feilnbach and the Raubling community of Nicklheim.
The LIFE Nature Project has been occupied since 2005 mostly with the renaturalization, i.e. the rewetting of 400 hectares of raised bogs, which had been priorly used for the winning of peat. Together with the bordering bogs, nearly 700 hectares of contigous raised bogs have been renaturalized. An area, being presumably only one of its kind within the European Union. The raised bog restoration serves climate protection, the reduction of floods and peat fire hazards in the bordering settlements along with preservation of life species and biotope protection.
Further LIFE topics were the protection of litter meadows in the sites "Auer Weidmoos" and "Kalten-Aue", along with the environmental formation. In this context, LIFE constructed in cooperation with the Town of Bad Feilnbach, the first bog park in the site "Sterntaler Filze". LIFE project partners are the Umwelt-, Kultur- und Sozialstiftung in the County of Rosenheim along with the Town of Raubling. The project, budgeted at 1.87 million euros, ends in october of this year.
The INTERREG-Project „Moorallianz in den Alpen“ started this year. It's assignment is the continuation of the environmental education, that LIFE began. The topic "bog" should be promoted with a wide set educational program, especially through the schools, for children and youth. Main points are the construction of green classrooms in the bog station Nicklheim and the cooperation with the bog club "Fuizlerverein". The Town of Raubling is partner of the INTERREG-Project, that also includes actions in Tirol, Salzburg and Chiemgau.
Both projects are financed fifty-fifty by the European Union. On Saturday, October 16, is the day of the open door in the bog site Nicklheim. Raubling's mayor Kalsperger appealed to the opening guests, to tell people that something beautiful arose here.
Die Moorstation Nicklheim ist eine wunderbare Gelegenheit heimische Natur zu erleben
The bog station in Nicklheim is a wonderful opportunity to experience local nature. Project manager Ralf Strohwasser, Raubling's Mayor Olaf Kalsperger, Stefan Pratsch from the Bavarian State Forest Office Chief County Administrative Officer Josef Neiderhell (from the left).
Umweltbildung ist der Schwerpunkt des in diesem Jahr begonnenen INTERREG-Projekts „Moorallianz in den Alpen“
Environmental eductation is the main issue of the project INTERREG "Moorallianz in den Alpen", started this year. No wonder the elementary school pupils of Nicklheim took over the Green Classroom personally
Beste Aussichten in die Rosenheimer Stammbeckenmoore erlaubt der neue fast fünf Meter hohe Aussichtsturm.
The five meter lookout tower gives the top views in the Rosenheim Stammbeckenmoore. County chief executive officer Josef Neiderhell and Raubling's Mayor Olaf Kalsperger convinced themselves at the scene.
Keine Industriefläche mehr
No longer an industrial area: the photograph shows the so called sites "Abgebrannte Filze" along with "Kollerfilze" and "Hochrunstfilze" after the rewetting measures. (photo: Vogl)
Der seltene und scheue Schwarzstorch
The rare and shy black stork, who now found habitats in the wide spread rewetted bogs, is the mascot of the basin peat area. (photo: Nill)

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