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Press release    
Rosenheim, November 22, 2010

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Renaturalization of raised bogs is active climate protection
County of Rosenheim renaturalizes more bog areas, information presentation in Halfing
The renaturalization measures in the bogs of the county will be continued in the coming year.
The Department for Nature Protection of the County of Rosenheim now states that also in 2011 financial support from the climate program for Bavaria 2020 „Klimaprogramm Bayern 2020“ will be available.
The Department for Nature Protection Rosenheim will focus it's endeavor on the Biotope Network Group sites "Eggstätt-Hemhofer Seenplatte", the "Stucksdorfer Moos" and the "Halfinger Freimoos" along with "Rosenheimer Stammbeckenmoore".
The Government of Upper Bavaria "Regierung von Oberbayern" assists with 90 percent of the costs for the purchase of new areas. The ten percent rest are spent by the county. The following renaturalization is completely paid from the state. 
For all owners in Halfinger Freimoos, there is an information presentation November 29 at 8:00 p.m. in Gasthaus „Zum Schildhauer“ in Halfing. The meeting is public and anybody interested is warmly welcome.
One important goal of the support program is the raising of the water level in the dehydrated bogs, to bind harmful climate gases through peat growth. Contemporarily, the renaturalization measures make a valuable contribution to flood protection. Also the rare and endangered fauna and flora of the bogs regain habitats.
Growing bogs are deposits for plant capturated carbon. Several tons of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide are removed from the atmosphere per hectare land each year. Intact raised bogs are habitats for unique, high specialized fauna and flora, today exposed to distinction. Up to 95 percent of the peat volume can consist of water. This enormous water deposit potential of raised bogs emphasizes their positive influence on flood activities.
Wachsen die Torfmoose im renaturierten Moor, hilft es dem Klima.
The sundew ("Sonnentau"), shown in the image, grows in renaturalized raised bogs. It helps the climate and many life species and maintains flood protection.
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