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LIFE-Natur-Projekt "Rosenheimer Stammbeckenmoore"  LIFE-Natur-Projekt "Rosenheimer Stammbeckenmoore"
Firewood collectors work in the Rosenheim bogs

Landkreis Rosenheim - LIFE-Nature Project

For weeks about 100 Selbstwerber1 have been felling spuce and birch trees in the "Abgebrannten Filze",  which had grown during the dry period of the peat exploitation. During the planned rewetting measures, those trees would just die anyhow, according to project manager Ralf Strohwasser.
So far roughly 1000 "Ster" (m3) fuelwood has been harvested in an area of approximately
35 ha (1 ha = 0,01 kmē or 10.000 mē).
That was hard work collecting the fire wood, the Selbstwerber had to undertake some big long hikes into the cutting regions, but in the end they were rewarded by the LIFE-project: The firewood and also it's transport out of the peat area including the use of special track vehicles was all free. "This was only done under the condition that they observe the accident prevention and safety rules", stated Strohwasser.
1"Selbstwerber" = Private persons, non-professional lumberjacks or loggers, who occasionally cut and/or collect wood for their own needs and purpose.


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November 7, 2007