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LIFE-Natur-Projekt "Rosenheimer Stammbeckenmoore"  LIFE-Nature-Projekt "Rosenheimer Stammbeckenmoore"
Bog park stations in Bad Feilnbach and Nicklheim

Landkreis Rosenheim - LIFE-Natur-Projekt

Park Bad Feilnbach - Sterntaler Filze
The LIFE "Moorerlebnis Sterntaler Filze", the first of 2 completed park stations, is a shared project of LIFE and the Town of Bad Feilnbach. Within the 1.5 hectare park area, bog landscape and nature can be experienced with all human senses.

Bad Feilnbacher Moorerlebnis Sterntaler Filze

Main attractions among others are bird watching stations, a lookout hill made of peat, water filled peat diggings and a 650 m long boardwalk granting access to the bog even for disabled in wheel chairs.
The construction of the station is strongly supported by the Bavarian State Forestry Department along with youth groups and regional volunteers. Due to its scenic beauty and unique bog experiences,  the site became a real visitor magnet. Fortunately visitors respect the restricted walkways avoiding the disturbance of nature. The bog station enforces the public consciousness of bog nature environment and the necessity for bog protection and renaturalization.
Single stations:
  1. 650 m wheelchair-friendly boardwalk
  2. Four meter high lookout hill with view of the peat renaturalization areas, natural Sterntaler bogs and alpine panorama
  3. Bird watch station "hide": Peat covered hut (barrier-free) with a wonderful view of the dammed up extracted peat fields and mountain panorama
  4. Bog hut with exhibit objects
  5. Hill made of roots with lookout
  6. Pool of bathing bog-peat with crossing tree trunks to balance on
  7. Bench and picnic stations
  8. Balancing stems for children along the boardwalk
  9. Five dammed up peat diggings by hand with shallow water areas and benches, inviting the calm observation of dragonflies and amphibians
  10. "Cloud observation station" construction out of boards and hammocks, inviting to observe, sleep or to keep an eye out on the kids
  11. "Dwarf Playground" of small sheds out of branches and weak limbs etc.
  12. Shovelcut of peat
  13. Prehistoric Forest of human senses with gathering place

The peat station is accessible by bicycle or foot only.
Persons who are disabled in walking and in possession of a valid handicap id-card are permitted to enter by car.

Bus Bus

Bog park Nicklheim -  Kollerfilze
The bog park station "Moorstation Nicklheim" was completed at the end of the project.
The bog station Nicklheim serves in environmental education, especially allowing school classes an insight to the natural habitats of bogs.
From the "green classroom", also from the observation tower and two observation positions, one has an excellent view of the renaturalization areas and its bird life world.
Other attractions are the botanic terrains with the illustration of raised bog plants, peat diggings and a formerly used small field train.
The bog station is closed for cars and is connected with a network of almost 5 km of barrier free hiking paths.
Pflanzentafel im Botanischen Moorgarten / Plant information panel in the botanic bog garden.
Aussichtsturm mit barrierefreien Bretterweg / Observation tower with barrier free boardwalk.
Für Schulen, Vereine und alle Naturliebhaber werden spannende Moorführungen angeboten / Exciting bog tours are offered for schools, clubs and all nature friends.
Das Grüne Klassenzimmer / Green classroom
Lageplan Moorstation (klick für großes Format)
Click images for enlargement
  1. Plant information panel in the botanic bog garden.
  2. Observation tower with barrier free boardwalk.
  3. Exciting bog tours are offered for schools, clubs and all nature friends.
  4. The green classroom allows an independent program while gaining knowledge and exploring the bog.
< 10.000 years < 8000 years < 2000 years 1950 2010
10000 years ago:
After the ice age
8000 years ago:
Developed Bogs
2000 years ago:
Raised bogs
Peat expolitation
Regeneration of raised bogs

Photogallery Sterntaler Filze  (click pictures for big format)

Angestauter Handtorfstich

Diga e scavo a mano di torba


Von der Vogelbeobachtungsstation hat man u.a. einen Blick

From the bird observation post, one has, among other things, a view of the exploited peat areas,  where soon plants and rare bird species will spread.

Der rollstuhlgerechte Bohlenweg und eine seiner drei Endstationen im Moor-Urwald


The wheelchair-friendly boardwalk and one of its three end stations in the primeval forest.


Das Areal der Moorstation von der Vogelperspektive

The peat station area from a bird's eye view. 


»illustrated charts (German)

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