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Rosenheim, March 4, 2011

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Summary of Project Results
The LIFE Nature – Project „Rosenheimer Stammbeckenmoore“ concluded after a period of 5 project years, leaving behind extensive results:
Bog renaturalization
The key measure was the renaturalization of 400 hectares of dehydrated and exploited raised bogs in the sites: "Abgebrannten Filze", "Hochrunstfilze", "Sterntaler Filze" and "Rote Filze" (filze = bog).
The retention of rain water by sealing ditches and constructing peat dam walls over an area of 113 hectares was preceded by a widespread clearing action of trees and shrubs done by local woodcutters who yielded firewood and timber for their own benefits.
The rewetting of low bogs extended over several small locations and had a range of approximately 0.4 hectares with a reach of round 3 hectares. In the flood plains of the creek "Kalten", old water stream arms, partly accumulated with minerals and organic matter, were dammed. The bounds spread over round 4 hectares and also include a bordering raised bog.
Clearing of Trees and Shrubs
As a preparation of the raised bog renaturalization, a total of 116 hectares of trees and shrubs were felled. The growth of new raised bog woody vegetation will be partially enabled here. Partly the rewetted area will be kept free of trees and thickets of woody bushes.
In the low bogs of the litter meadows in the sites "Auer Weidmoos" and "Kaltenaue", 3 hectares of trees and shrubs were cleared to provide improved habitats for meadow breeding birds.
Public Relations Work
By the reduction of expenses, expansive additional measures in public relations work were achieved.
The following results (listed chronologically) occured:
  • Posting of signs in the meadow breeding areas at sites "Kaltenaue" and "Auer Weidmoos"
  • Creation of a project flyer
  • Completion of a bilingual (English – German) homepage
  • Construction of the bog park  "Moorerlebnis Sterntaler Filze" - including flyer
  • Training bog guides
  • Construction of the bog park "Moorstation Nicklheim"
  • LIFE – final report (bilingual English – German)
  • Beaver pamphlet "Zwergerl" with Poster
Both Bog Parks Sterntaler Filze and Nicklheim are public magnets.
The public is led from the outside bog edge into the park station. A disturbance of the bogs could be greatly avoided, without legal ordinance and other restricted trespassing regulations. Both stations are the goal of regular guided bog tours.
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